Baxters Rescue

Horse & Pony Rescue, Somerset

Baxters Rescue, Horse and Pony Rescue, Taunton Somerset

"Helping horses & ponies with people - problems"

Baxters Rescue is dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of horses and ponies that have suffered abuse, neglect, have been abandoned by their owners or keepers or simply not wanted anymore.


Stable Days... The Natural Way!

Baxters Rescue would like to tell you about Stable Days... The Natural Way.

Are you on a budget ?

Come along to one of our fun action-packed sessions.

Have some fun whilst learning about horses and ponies in a very relaxed Natural Outdoor Environment.

Stable Days... The Natural Way includes an introduction to horse and pony care, management, grooming and exercising... truly an enjoyable experience for all those who are serious about understanding the welfare of horses and ponies the natural way!

For more information about Stable Days... The Natural Way (follow the link) or just navigate to the EVENTS tab at the top of the page.

To book your place, just Private Message Baxters Rescue through its facebook page and you can get there by clicking the Facebook logo at the bottom of this page.