Animal Welfare Act 2006

Under the Act animal owners and keepers are under a legal duty of care for the animals for
which they are responsible on a permanent or temporary basis.

A person could therefore be responsible for an animal if they own it or are in charge of it.
An owner has ongoing responsibility for their animal even if another person is in charge of it.
A parent or guardian of a child under 16 years old is responsible for any animal that is owned or cared for by the child.

This ensures that an adult can normally be identified as a person responsible for an animal.

If an owner leaves an animal in the care of another person, it is the owner’s duty to ensure the keeper is competent and has the necessary authority to act in an emergency.

About the Animal Welfare Act 2006

Animal Welfare Act 2006

Code of Practise for the Welfare of Horses & Ponies