Applicants Notes

Application Guidance for Volunteers.

All volunteers are asked to complete an application form, a reference form and a confidentiality form.

If you do not complete these, your application will be delayed and the process halted until we can discuss this with you.

Once we have received your completed forms, we will contact you about your application and then invite you in for an informal chat.

Finding The Forms To Download:

You can download the Application to be considered as a volunteer form, which can be found by clicking the Volunteers Information tab in the Get Involved box above.

When this page opens, you will see a number of PDF documents that are relevant to those who wish to be considered as a volunteer and we suggest you download and read through them.

You can then have the form printed off for you whereupon you can complete it in hard copy, then post it to us at the address shown at the bottom of every page, or if you live locally, you could arrange to have the form collected from you by one of our team.

The Online Volunteer Application Form;

Alternatively, you can complete the online application form, then submit it through this site for our attention.

The online form can be found on its own tab under volunteer information. Simply follow the instructions on that page, complete the form in full then click the submit button and the form will be sent to us.

Please Note:

The online form DOES NOT contain the Confidentiality Agreement, or the Reference Form, which you would be required to complete.

A separate copy of the Confidentiality Agreement form and the Reference Form can be found at the lower part of the online application page.

You can either download a copy of the Confidentiality Agreement form, have someone print it off for you, Fill in the declaration then bring it with you or, we can give you one of these forms to complete when we see you, if you are invited to come along for a chat about volunteering.

The online form DOES NOT contain a Reference Form. You will also be required to download and print off a copy of this form, so your referees can complete this section, then you can return it to us if you are invited along for a chat.

Paper Copy Forms;

A copy of the Confidentiality Agreement and the Reference Form is already contained within the paper copy of the Volunteer Application form. It is only necessary for you to download and print a copy of the Confidentiality Agreement and Reference Form if you are completing the ONLINE Volunteer Application Form, so you can complete them and bring them with you, if you are invited along for a chat about becoming a volunteer.

Signing The Declarations:

Complete the declarations at the end of the online Volunteer Application form, by simply entering your name, the date and other information as requested.

We shall obtain your agreement via your written signature if you wish to proceed, when we meet up with you if you are invited to attend an informal chat.

Contacting Us:

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us on; 07547071317 or email at;

Thank you very much for your interest.