Horses Healing Humans

Horse and Pony Assisted Learning for adults and children

Horses healing Humans is provided in a natural setting with wildlife all around, along with the relaxing sound
of a stream and natural waterfall flowing by.
The perfect place to be at peace with yourself.
The setting has been designed to be calm and peaceful allowing respite to tired minds.

Baxters Rescue have helped change the lives of horses and ponies with people problems, we now offer the community and wider communities an alternative approach of equine therapy with natural horse and pony assisted learning, without the pressure of the 'social stigma' still associated with the every-day challenges like depression and anxiety.

Horses & Ponies and how they can help:

Naturally intimidating to many people, horses and even ponies are seen as large and powerful animals. This in itself creates a natural opportunity to overcome fear and develop your confidence.

Similar in so many ways;

Just like humans, horses and ponies are social animals. They have individual personalities, attitudes and moods. An approach that will work with one horse or pony may not work with another and at times horses and ponies can appear to be stubborn and defiant.

It takes time and patience!

Horses and ponies require us to work, be that in caring for them or actually working with them.

In this human era where immediate gratification and the easy-way is the "New Norm", horses and ponies require people to engage in physical and mental work to be successful. This is a valuable lesson in all aspects of everyday life.

The Mirror for the soul.

Most importantly, horses and ponies "mirror" human body language. People often say "this horse is stubborn" or "this pony does not like me". We respond by saying that if you change yourself, the horse or pony will respond differently.

Horses and ponies do not lie. They are open and honest animals which makes them powerful messengers.

All in the groundwork.

The most important part of healing is done on the ground. This happens during the interaction between you and the horse or pony.

Horse and Pony Assisted Learning Sessions:

We provide either 30 minute or full 1 hour sessions during the week or weekends, for horse and pony assisted learning. All sessions are by appointment only and you will be required to pay a deposit in advance to secure your place.

The session fees are affordable to all budgets and all funds raised go directly into the daily running of the rescue. This enables us to provide opportunities and affordable services to the community and wider communities.

How to get started on your healing journey;

For further information about healing fees and sessions, please telephone us on;


You can also send us a private message through our Baxters Rescue Facebook page, or send an email to

or fill out the page in the contact us section of this website.

Please note:

All enquiries about Horse and Pony healing are dealt with in the strictest confidence.