Volunteer Online Application

online application to be considered as a volunteer

volunteers at Baxters Rescue.

Alternatively, you can complete the online form on this page and submit it through this site. The online form DOES NOT contain the Confidentiality Agreement, nor does it contain the Reference Form, which you would be required to complete.

A separate copy of the Confidentiality Agreement and the Reference Form are available on this page below this volunteer application form.

There is also an Equality & Diversity Monitoring form that we would ask you to consider completing however, this form DOES NOT form part of the application process and you DO NOT have to complete this form if you do not wish to.

A separate copy of the Equality & Diversity Monitoring Form can be found at the bottom of this page and you can download it then have it printed out for you, complete it if you wish, then bring it with you if you are invited to come along for a chat. Alternatively you will have an opportunity to complete this form (if not done so already), at any informal meeting you may have with us.

Completing the online application form:

To scroll through the online application form, just place your cursor into the form and scroll up or down as required, or place your finger on the screen of your smart phone etc over the form and scroll up or down. Enter your answers into the boxes required by tying as usual.

It is important that you answer every question. Tick boxes already provide options for you to choose an answer. Where a typed word answer is required, if you are unable to provide one, just type the word NONE.

Separate Confidentiality Form

Separate Reference Form

Equality & Diversity Monitoring Form