About Rehoming

Rehoming Scheme at Baxters Rescue

What re-homing means to a horse or pony.

Re-homing a horse or pony from Baxters Rescue, is extremely rewarding.

As a Guardian, not only will you be doing something amazing by giving a loving home to a rescued horse or pony, but you will also be making space for us to help more horses and ponies, who are in desperate need of love, care and a place that is safe from harm.

Our re-homing scheme involves you taking on a horse or pony from us on a permanent basis, whilst also knowing that you can call upon Baxters Rescue, for advice and guidance at any time during the time you have the horse or pony.

Re-homing a horse or pony from us means that as the Guardian, you will be responsible for this new member of your family and their day-to-day health, safety and welfare, but should they need to be re-homed back here at the rescue for any reason, they will always have a place here at Baxters Rescue.

Other than keeping us informed of any important developments or changes that will affect the home, health, safety or wellbeing of the horse or pony, we do not ask any more from you as the Guardian, than any responsible owner would provide on a daily basis for their own horse or pony.