Rescue Sites

Rescued Horse & Pony Sites

Remote sites used for the holding of rescued horses and ponies.

Horses and ponies that have suffered abuse, neglect or that have been abandoned by their owners or keepers, often have suffered both physical and psychological trauma.

Many people from whom these poor animals have been seized, go to great lengths in their attempts to locate where they are being held, so they can harm them further or worse, sometimes they will attempt to take these horses and ponies back.

In the interests of maintaining the health, safety and welfare of rescued horses and ponies and those Provisional and Registered Guardians who provide a safe home, the highest level of security is implemented.

Our Safeguarding protocol is as follows:

  • We shall not advertise a horse or pony for rehoming within the public domain.
  • Neither the location of a rehomed horse or pony nor the address /details of a Provisional or Registered Guardian will ever be disclosed to any third party, who are not a senior officer of the Equine Welfare Unit (EWU).
  • Those wishing to be considered as a Guardian will submit the appropriate application(s) and undergo vetting that is suitable and sufficient.
  • We will not take applications made on behalf of a third party.
  • Applications can only be made by persons 16yrs of age or older.
  • Biosecurity dictates rescued horses and ponies are transferred to the quarantine area within our holding site.
  • Special horses and ponies are considered for permanent relocation to our resident site to assist with our activities.
  • Resident horses and ponies shall not become available for rehoming.
  • Visitors to the residents site is by appointment only.
  • Details of horses and ponies available for rehoming shall only be made available to applicants, once they have attained the required level within the rehoming application process (completion of Stage 3 assessment).
  • Applicants wishing to take on a horse or pony for rehoming, shall only be invited to attend a "meet & greet" with their suitable /chosen horse or pony (where available) at the holding site or other facility / location, subject to satisfactory vetting.
  • The address of both the holding site and the Residents site shall not be disclosed within the public domain.
  • Any person who without permission, discloses to a third party, the location of the site(s) will be removed from the register/all activities involving Baxters Rescue and banned from applying to or rehoming a horse or pony from Baxters Rescue.
  • Failure on the part of a Provisional or Registered Guardian to comply with the terms and conditions of the Rehoming Scheme Agreement, shall constitute a breech of agreement and the equine(s) may / will be removed from any Guardian with or without notice.

If you require further information relating to the process of being considered as a Guardian or what is expected of a Guardian, please do not hesitate to email the Equine Welfare Unit at: